Saddles & Sabotage


Saddles & Sabotage has roots in my summer I spent at Red's Meadow Pack Ranch working as a store girl and a DRG (day ride girl) Rainbow Falls and back, three times a day. While the Rockin' B is certainly not based off Red's, and none of the characters overlap with reality in any way, I'm sure the atmosphere bled in through my finger tips. That was a lovely time in my life of self discovery and remembering who I was. Perhaps that's why I sent Lindy on a journey to remember her life before she was diagnosed. It's hard not to get buried beneath the expectations of the world and the layers heaped on our shoulders by circumstance. This book is all about seeing Lindy in a whole new light. In Caskets & Conspiracies Lindy shows her pride, but Saddles & Sabotage show her vulnerability.  

From the back of the book

One choice throws Lindy Johnson’s world into turmoil. Her desperate attempt to find the answers long since hidden has a price she never anticipated. With her life on unsteady ground, she has no choice but to try to pick up the pieces and start again. When Ryder Billings’ mother calls him with distressing news about the family ranch, he knows there is only one person who can solve this mystery. Hoping to mend a broken relationship, Lindy goes undercover on the Billings’ family dude ranch where tensions run thick and betrayal goes back generations. Hikers are dying in the woods, but is it man or animal causing the wounds? With the owners hiding evidence in order to keep the ranch afloat in trying times, Lindy must maintain her cover in order to find the truth. Is this simply sabotage to bring the ranch to its knees, or something far more sinister? With complications cropping up in their relationship, will Ryder ever trust Lindy again? Does she have room in her heart to fall in love, or will the case always come first? Does Lindy have the strength to make it out of this alive? Or will the wrong choice be her last?

Who will love it?

If Caskets & Conspiracies left you wanting more, then you'll enjoy continuing the action with Lindy in this book. Saddles & Sabotage has a darker feel, but still remains true to clean romance with no graphic scenes, though there is mild violence and blood. It's a great juxtaposition of beautiful scenery, majestic horses, and a charming ranch, all contrasted against a serial killer with dark secrets.  This book picks up just hours after Caskets & Conspiracies, and follows Lindy as she continues her work to set her world right. But it's too easy too lose yourself in undercover work. For Lindy, the lure of a normal life might be too much to resist.

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