Ryder Diaries

Not far into writing the Lindy Johnson Series, I started to see the need to write from other character's perspectives in order to give Lindy's story more depth. With my psychology background, I focus on emotions and how motivations and perspective change the story. Without perspective, I can't give Lindy a good base to react to, so to speak. I started writing the other side of things with the intention that it would be for my eyes only, just a tool.

But. Life happens. Even in a fictitious world, life happens. There came a moment in the story line where knowing someone else's thoughts would add depth not only to my writing, but to the reader's experience. I instructed half my beta readers to read a certain piece before they could start reading the final book in the series. The difference in the experience between the two groups, the ones who had read the perspective piece and the ones who had not, was night and day. Which begged the question, how do I get this perspective piece to my readers? I suppose I could have gone the Veronica Roth direction and made an entire book out of it, maybe one day I will, but for now you can find these perspective pieces here.

At this juncture, it's just Ryder, and it's his perspective from Caskets & Conspiracies. I have other pieces written throughout the series and for other books that have not yet been published. I can't say that they will be polished or edited to perfection. You're being offered a chance to poke around inside my brain by reading these perspectives and I'm not a great housekeeper...There might even be some caution tape on the doorway. But I am a storyteller, so if you can forgive one to get the benefit of the other, then we will get along just fine.

Word of warning: read the book first unless otherwise instructed. There will be major spoilers. I'll make sure to write in the intro what you can expect in each case. For instance, to read this perspective you will need to have read Caskets & Conspiracies. For now this perspective story can be found under "Lindy and Friends". I hope you enjoy reading Ryder's side of the story.

Ryder Diaries
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