The Sentry 6 Duo


Book 1


My first book is called Nightwatch. It's the story of a woman who has lost almost everything the night she lost her father and she was attacked. Her life has fallen into a rut. She's at the doctor's office when a stranger quite literally falls out of the air vent in her exam room. Emma doesn't know it, but her life will never be the same.

From the back of the book

Nothing is as it seems...Six months after her father's murder, Emiliana Woodrow is still trying to put her life back together. The death of the famous abstract artist has left an irreparable hole in her life. In one instant, a tiny blue gem turns her world upside down and nothing will ever be the same again. Thrown into a world or spies, romance, double cross and intrigue, will she be able to navigate her new reality and finish her father's mission before time runs out?

Who would love it?

If you ever watched an action movie and thought, I like this, but I wish there was more kissing, then this book is for you. It moves fast, there are twists and turns and it can be a wild ride. It is clean suspenseful romance, meaning the content never become sexually explicit or graphic. Enter the world of Sentry 6 if you dare.


Book 2


Falcon is the unplanned sequel to Nightwatch. I originally planned for Nightwatch to be a stand alone novel. It can be read as one as well, but people were clamoring for another Sentry 6 tale. I was talking to my sister, telling her there was no way to make a sequel and she agreed, until we kept talking. "What if something happened to Rat & Roach?" And Falcon was born. It was literally done purely because I love my readers. It was my first venture into writing first person from two heads, and my first time writing from a male perspective. Falcon explores how to make it work when the past won't let go. It pokes into the idea of dual sides in a personality and how to reconcile both in order to find happiness.

From the back of the book

It was supposed to be happily ever after for Emma and Adam. Emma thought it was all behind them. No more guns, no more fights, and no more espionage. But when Rat and Roach are abducted, and their own government turns against them, Adam and Sentry 6 are the only options left.Adam and Emma join Sentry 6 to face a new adversary, and solve the mystery of a ring and its destructive technological abilities. It is unclear if their relationship is an asset or a liability. As the danger builds, their differences threaten to tear them apart. Can Emma survive in Adam's world? Can Adam face the demons of his past? Is there a place for their love in the soldier's heart, or will it only leave them vulnerable to attack?Enter the world of Sentry 6 once more in this thrilling sequel to Nightwatch.

Who will love it?

If you enjoyed Nightwatch, you should enjoy Falcon. It is more heart pumping, more action, and even more fast paced. Last time the reader was in Emma's world, this time the reader falls head first into Adam's world and feels the pressure of Sentry 6 bearing down. It is a clean novel, meaning there are no sexually explicit scenes, but there is some violence, though not overly graphic. Can you survive in the world of Sentry 6?